Choose the ideal Cookware & Bakeware - It is Not the Same For Everyone

Everyone has an opinion about what cookware and bakeware you need. But just because it is perfect for someone else, it may not be correct for you. So, how can you determine what is ideal for you? Well, the first step is to figure out what kind of cooking and baking you do.

  • Do you make a lot of pasta?
  • Do you cook for one? Do you entertain? Do you make large quantities?
  • Do you make stews, braises or pot roasts?
  • Do you make delicate foods like crepes and omelettes?
  • Do you tend to make low-fat meals?
  • Do you make a lot of cakes, cookies and baked goods?

Answering these few questions can help you start to understand what cookware, bakeware and gadgets you need. For instance, if you make pasta often then you will need a large pot for boiling pasta, as well as a saute pan with high sides and a lid for sauces.

Depending on how many you cook for on a regular basis will determine what size pots and pans would be greatest suited for you. If you entertain or make large quantities, then you will need larger pots and pan sizes. While a 12" frying pan (also called a skillet) would be a staple for a family, it may be too large to make a single meal for one and instead a 10" or even 8" would be more useful.

One-pot cooking involved in stews, braises and pot roasts requires stovetop to oven pans. An ideal material for this type of cooking is enameled cast iron. It has the benefits of cast iron which is an efficient material for absorbing and retaining heat throughout the cooking process, in addition to the benefits of enamel which does not chemically react to certain foods and is easier to maintain.

Crepes and omelettes lend themselves to shallow, slope-sided pans in a nonstick material. The sloped-sides and nonstick material allows the food to slide out easily.

A nonstick material is always an excellent way to reduce the amount of oil needed for cooking. As a result, the material of choice for anyone wanting to cook low-fat food is nonstick cookware and bakeware.

Cakes, cookies and baked goods require specific shapes. Cakes require cake pans. Cookies require baking sheets. And other baked goods have specific bakeware made for them.

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